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Atlanta Residential Fire Alarms and Fire Detection Alarms

Atlanta Residential Fire Alarms and Fire Detection Alarms

The first line of defense in protecting your loved ones, home, and priceless possessions will be your homes fire alarm and/or fire detection alarms. The alarms sound off and the danger of fire is present, allowing time for your family to evacuate, and/or time for you to possibly contain the fire. The fire alarms generally are easy to inspect, and test regularly and you should do so as they may save a life.

If you do not have any fire alarms please contact us as we may assist with getting your home proper fire protection. If your residential fire alarms or fire detection equipment require repair or maintenance we are able to assist with getting it repaired and properly functioning.

A fire alarm should have a primary and secondary power supply, a pull switch or button, and adequate location to notify you in the event of a devastating fire.

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