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Atlanta Residential Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Atlanta Residential Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Having a fire sprinkler inspection completed by a licensed professional may help you sleep easier at night, if you are concerned about the devastating effects of fire, knowing that the fire protection and fire prevention system is working. From the fire detection alarms, to the fire sprinkler heads springing to life to extinguish the fire, these fire protection systems aid in preventing fire from damaging lives, home, and help protect personal valuables.

Some parts of your fire sprinkler system can be inspected by you the home owner. Inspecting your fire protection system, fire sprinklers, fire hydrants, and portable fire extinguishers, such as testing your fire alarms to make sure they are properly working. Knowing the components, parts, fire detection and fire alarms of your fire prevention system will aid you in knowing how to do weekly, monthly and quarterly inspections. If you are unfamiliar with a previously installed system have a fire sprinkler inspection completed by a licensed fire contractor and ask questions regarding the fire prevention system, and how to perform regular service checks that make sure your fire sprinkler system is functioning properly.

Some inspections and fire certifications may be required by the Georgia State Fire Marshal, to ensure that your fire sprinkler system complies with local fire codes, rules, and regulations, and is properly functioning. Check with your local fire marshal for additional information regarding new fire protection and fire prevention code, rules, and regulations.

Having fire protection, and full fire sprinkler coverage on your residence may qualify you for additional fire hazard insurance discounts, check with your local home owners fire hazard insurance provider for details.

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